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Crumpled yellow trousers
and frayed brown vest;
Bathe in salt mint-green water
which sheltered white sand,
to rinse your breast
Sun, rising high to gaze
thy perfect white-beach cricket;
Red Nosed Monkeys
chatter and clap for
the fall of every wicket

Pull a six
Make a solitary fielder
jog deep into the domestic
pitch green forest,
Square cut
to make the ball kiss
the lips of shining
green sea water…
Drive straight
let him have a sun bathe!
Get stumped by a deceiving
delivery wide across the off-stick;

Innings break breather
in a Netted swing
Tied diagonally to
irregularly grown coconut trees!
Glance thy Sea mother
shouting in peace;
Sippin’ an orange tender coconut!
White Ladies
expose some skin
Men are cool;

Play on thy second innings,
never disturb thy orange skeletons
Toss the pink canvas ball
with pace and precision,
to castle forest woods!

Oh my lovely Cricket…
Oh my lovely lovely cricket!

P.S – I happened to play beach cricket in the islands of Maldives which served as the inspiration to write this!