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Me: Dear God…

God: Yes God

Me: You are the god!

God: Why do you think so?

Me: you created us. You are the ultimate source for this universe, the vigour for everything that ‘exists

God: No, you created you… You are God!

Me: I created me?

God: Of course… God!

Me: Who created you?

God: Me? We ain’t diverse

Me: Am not clear, alright… What after death?

God: Empty…

Me: Empty?

God: Yes, Empty.

Me: What is Empty?

God: Nothing… A State of vacuum. A Nullified Cognizance!

Me:  Let me put it this way, what is Death?

God: Death is a human construct… an illusion. It doesn’t exist.

Me: Can you enlighten?

God: ‘YOU‘ move out of your body.

Me: This is intricate, I move where?

God: Nowhere, you eject from the ‘physical dimension’.

Me: Still confusing!

God: Singularity…

Me: Hmm… How is life formed?

God: You create life! I already answered!

Me: Fine, What is the inception of life form?

God: Consciousness…

Me: Can you illuminate me?

God: Are you conscious?

Me: Yes

God: You answered your question!

Me: It’s twisting my head…

God: Juxtaposition of surrealism, illusion & reality is hurting you.

Me: What is reality?

God: Singularity…

Me: You mean to say you and I are singular?

God: Yes

Me: You mean all life forms are one?

God: Yes

Me: You mean, that man walking over there and I are one and the same?

God: In essence, Yes

Me: Then why there are multiple instances with different physics?

God: You are surrogated, objective reality!

Me: Are we bots?

God: No, Multiple instances of consciousness separated by death…

Me: That’s obscuring.

God: I understand your state.

Me: How is universe created? What is the origin?

God: That is beyond your comprehension.

Me: Try me!

God: You need to attain the state of singularity to comprehend.

Me: I am still not clear

God: Offset of divergence!

Me: Where is our conversation heading?

God: Nowhere. It’s a cycle.

Me: You haven’t answered a single question of mine

God: I have answered all of your questions, but your state litters your illumination!

Me: But am still at point zero…

God: Constructions of surrealistic illusions.

Me: I don’t get you

God: You cannot comprehend.

Me: Will I ever?

God: Yes, you will apprehend the objective reality and the state of singularity.

Me: When?

God: After the so called ‘Death’!

Me: Thank you God!

God: You are welcome ‘God’…