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Rainbow Debris cover


Hello there lovely people,

After a lot of scuffle I finally managed to publish my first Ebook – ‘Rainbow Debris’. If I hadn’t been in WP, this milestone wouldn’t have been possible. I really wanted to share this joyful moment particularly with all my WP friends, because you guys are very special to me as I got all my works reviewed and critiqued here, honestly! Thanks for all the encouragement & motivation.

In fact it is one of my fellow WPian Mr.Anand Bose who suggested me to publish an Ebook via BookRix. Thank you sir.

Special mentions to Pradita & Ajit for their motivation & support. Thanks Guys 😉

About the Book

As the title suggests, Rainbow Debris is an anthology of poem and each piece of poetry has its own color. Though it doesn’t restrict itself to a particular genre, most of the pieces were written embracing postmodern literature.  Reading the book will be like shifting patterns of a kaleidoscope every time you dip into a piece of poetry. I have unleashed my stream of consciousness to paint my ingenuities. It could be clumsy at times but I am certain when you get to taste the nectar you will find it honeyed.

Most of the pieces are descriptive and unstructured, I wish an illustrator paint all the pieces with lot of colors.

Allen Ginsberg once quoted “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” and that is exactly what I have endeavoured.


I have taken inspirations from the late American singer-songwriter/painter Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart, Luis Borges, Allen Ginsberg & Jacques Derrida. I have always admired their astounding ability in architecting the fortress of art.

Available at

This book is available in all the leading Ebook stores like Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Google books, Kobo etc…

I have pasted the link below where you can purchase your copy. Please do read the book and provide your honest review/comment, this will certainly help me in fine tuning my writing skills. It will also motivate me to be even more consistent.

Do let me know if you are a professional reviewer, i can share the book with you for an honest review.


Thank you so much for visiting !!!