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ocean painting

I walk by the sea
drinking a bottle of rum
I kick white breast of the green sea,
musings beset my brain
holding down her steady rancorous chords
Silences of melancholy songs are
excruciating surrenders of filthy waves;

Sun peel his cloud cream mask
Smile at the reflections lay beneath
thy bowl of salt waters —
I stare up at his glazing eyes
he poke my facade with hot iron tacks
I soak my face in sea with distress
She burn my face skin in avenge!

Hot sunshine force thy sea, a kiss
on her blue crystal lips
White glass bottle shine like a victor
roasting my flexor sheath
One more gulp of hot rum
pare my gullet meat
beseeching an excuse!

Dead porcupine repose in beach sand
gape at me with his swollen eye
dry fish aromas blend with hot zephyr
like sun and sea —
I walk inconsequent, to and fro
like a spirited sheep spinster
I am another now and yet the same…