Shrimps in Moonlight


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My brown lone wooden hut
live deep inside my forest…

Stream of water hum
leisurely for melancholy tunes…
composed by cold moon air!

Whispers of trees to birds
must be secret love makings,
Poked by rose worm
climbing the twig with
his chest full of mud!

Moon is white,
Shinning like a torch light
blessing the river,
Who glow like snow girl

My wooden boat making love
with her thin tree boyfriend.,
I may excuse her for a raft
to hunt some Tiger Shrimps!

I Row the boat in moon shine
I Row the boat slow all night,
Slow largo in radio;

I hunt Shrimps for, supper in the Moonlight!
I hunt Shrimps, I feed jack rabbits;
Cook shrimps in Moonlight!
Yes Black Pepper shrimps in Moonlight!

My First Ebook – ‘Rainbow Debris’


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Rainbow Debris cover


Hello there lovely people,

After a lot of scuffle I finally managed to publish my first Ebook – ‘Rainbow Debris’. If I hadn’t been in WP, this milestone wouldn’t have been possible. I really wanted to share this joyful moment particularly with all my WP friends, because you guys are very special to me as I got all my works reviewed and critiqued here, honestly! Thanks for all the encouragement & motivation.

In fact it is one of my fellow WPian Mr.Anand Bose who suggested me to publish an Ebook via BookRix. Thank you sir.

Special mentions to Pradita & Ajit for their motivation & support. Thanks Guys 😉

About the Book

As the title suggests, Rainbow Debris is an anthology of poem and each piece of poetry has its own color. Though it doesn’t restrict itself to a particular genre, most of the pieces were written embracing postmodern literature.  Reading the book will be like shifting patterns of a kaleidoscope every time you dip into a piece of poetry. I have unleashed my stream of consciousness to paint my ingenuities. It could be clumsy at times but I am certain when you get to taste the nectar you will find it honeyed.

Most of the pieces are descriptive and unstructured, I wish an illustrator paint all the pieces with lot of colors.

Allen Ginsberg once quoted “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” and that is exactly what I have endeavoured.


I have taken inspirations from the late American singer-songwriter/painter Don Van Vliet aka Captain Beefheart, Luis Borges, Allen Ginsberg & Jacques Derrida. I have always admired their astounding ability in architecting the fortress of art.

Available at

This book is available in all the leading Ebook stores like Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Google books, Kobo etc…

I have pasted the link below where you can purchase your copy. Please do read the book and provide your honest review/comment, this will certainly help me in fine tuning my writing skills. It will also motivate me to be even more consistent.

Do let me know if you are a professional reviewer, i can share the book with you for an honest review.


Thank you so much for visiting !!!

Sun, Sea & Me…


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ocean painting

I walk by the sea
drinking a bottle of rum
I kick white breast of the green sea,
musings beset my brain
holding down her steady rancorous chords
Silences of melancholy songs are
excruciating surrenders of filthy waves;

Sun peel his cloud cream mask
Smile at the reflections lay beneath
thy bowl of salt waters —
I stare up at his glazing eyes
he poke my facade with hot iron tacks
I soak my face in sea with distress
She burn my face skin in avenge!

Hot sunshine force thy sea, a kiss
on her blue crystal lips
White glass bottle shine like a victor
roasting my flexor sheath
One more gulp of hot rum
pare my gullet meat
beseeching an excuse!

Dead porcupine repose in beach sand
gape at me with his swollen eye
dry fish aromas blend with hot zephyr
like sun and sea —
I walk inconsequent, to and fro
like a spirited sheep spinster
I am another now and yet the same…



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Sprinkle black peppers please
over my yellow omelette
Like a gold dust drizzle over sea
I whiff yellow yolk and peppered glaire – partly stewed
and chew my fingers
Where is my omelette?
Oh my…
It is raining black pepper dust!
My eyes blister
Rain keep coming down the street
Yet no water to launder my eyes
Red liquid choked my eyes
Like a omelette, with added spice…
Water billowing up from between her legs
made me cry, metallic stomp;
I hit a hipster on the neck with crow beak
Liquid red salt ran all over pepper dust on the street;
I later stand on my feet and a parrot kiss me good bye
I bite her mandible, she screech in ecstasy!
A baby elephant laughs in pleasure from a distance,
I smirk at her sorely
she walks towards me, in two legs
rolls her trunk and make black capsules
she suckle me capsules
A glass of water please!!!

For readers who couldn’t follow the flow, I have tried to illustrate the mind of the protagonist who is suffering from Schizophrenia (A chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves) and has unclear or confused thinking symptoms. Though the illusions are surreal, it exists for him. The protagonist is hospitalized and the events described above are his delusions which are the by-products of realism or hyperboles of actual happenings.

ExampleNurse feeding pills is paralleled/compared with baby elephant

Orange Claw Hammer

This song by the legendary ‘Captain Beefheart’ from his album Trout Mask Replica will enthral you.. Of course I was completely blown away..


A thick cloud caught a piper cub’s tail
The match struck blue on a railroad rail
The old puff horse was just pullin’ through
And a man wore a pegleg forever

I’m on the bum where the hobos run
The air breaks with filthy chatter
Oh I don’t care there’s no place there, don’t think it matters

My skin’s blazin’ through and my clothes in tatters
And the railroad look like a “why” up the hill of ladders

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Godly Conversations…


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Me: Dear God…

God: Yes God

Me: You are the god!

God: Why do you think so?

Me: you created us. You are the ultimate source for this universe, the vigour for everything that ‘exists

God: No, you created you… You are God!

Me: I created me?

God: Of course… God!

Me: Who created you?

God: Me? We ain’t diverse

Me: Am not clear, alright… What after death?

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Donkey and the paint bucket


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The sun red as apple wine candy
Hot maroon mud burnt black donkey ass
Made him stand, his legs tied diagonally;
I feed him saffron Mo-thee papers
He bray in anguish
Hee- haw! Hee- haw! Hee- haw!

White paint in a white bucket
I mix green lizard eggs and wax and
Stir… stir… stir…
Pour more red ink and spicy lemon pickle and
Stir… stir… stir…
mix coconut oil for scent
Spray more orange sand for color and tooth paste and
Stir… stir… stir…
I hoot at donkey eyes; he curiously gaze

Liquid saffron Paint and old brush
I Paint my cheeks
I Paint my temple
I Paint Donkey lips
I Paint Donkey neck
I paint Donkey Ass!
and We stand in sun…
Hee- haw! Hee- haw! Hee- haw!

Thanks Note

Dear friends,

It gives me immense pleasure & pride to announce that I have reached a milestone of 100 followers.. Never imagined it would happen… Humbled 🙏🏻Each one of you are diamonds…

Though I am inactive for 2 months now, I sincerely appreciate and thank all my friends who read my content, trusted me and followed me. Pleasure is mutual!!!

The love for literature and creativity united us here.. Frankly speaking you guys are immensely talented than most of the writers who published books in the market.. I looked up great writers out there, stumbled with the amount of variety & commitment you people show towards writing. You keep me inspiring!

The comments I received are to be saved & framed… wish someone does that on my birthday… Reading your comments & appreciations are the greatest pleasure I could ever get in my life.

I will definitely come back ASAP & enthrall you with my poetries, till then, take care & stay in touch… I know I have a lot to catch up😀

* This post is not spell checked or Grammer checked .. My apologies!!

See ya all very soon!! Lot of hugs 😊😊

Let the joy of writing & reading prevail…

Housefly on a Watermelon


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She is shy, she is starkers
amongst bunch of blusher flies
suckin’ red juice in a boat shaped
greenish white rotten melon caps
lay cross near garbage cans
she hum like a throat slit honey bee
the vibrations silent as bus horn
in peak Chennai traffic;

She milk thy sour juice
romancing flesh ‘mandingo’ flies
her compound eyes aimed
them, red fruit arranged precipitously
on a punctured blue tricycle

The old puff dog cracked chicken claw
with his torn jaw
And tricycle man wore a black
varicose Vein cover  — spiralled legs
He chase thy swarm of flies on a war
for sliced red melons
with a cloth in tatter, don’t think it matter
powdered red chillies in salt water!

She swirl towards wine red melons
Smilin’on tricycle, harder;
His wings took to air like a bomber
She pierce musca abdomens
akin kerosene queue Indians
her thorax jolted by cotton cloth strike
often she twist through cloth holes

Alas she manage
to suck mesocarp juice,
it was spicy; powdered chilly
mixed with hot melon water;
she loved the rind juice instead!
She fly back with open antennas
Housefly on Watermelon…

Save Jallikattu!!


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As a Tamilian i am forced to write this post, This ain’t my usual poetry or literature, so kindly ignore any grammatical mistake… As  Tamilians and citizens of India, we are  deeply hurt by this Jallikattu issue… Millions of people are gathered in Marina beach, Chennai because  Jallikattu is our tradition, it is our culture… it is in our blood, it is being practised for 10k years (This number might stun you, but then we have carbon dated proofs ). How can we let it go? When Supreme Court passed a verdict to ban Jallikattu hearing the Plea from PETA an American NGO,. as  Indians we felt we were let down!

North Indian Medias doesn’t pay much attention to this issue, not only to this issue, but any Tamil issue for that matter… When a soldier is killed in the border, he is termed as  an ‘Indian Soldier’ , but when a fisherman from Tamil Nadu is killed by  Srilankan Navy, The headline would be, ‘Tamil Fisherman is killed’ , ain’t he a fisherman from India? ain’t he your brother? Will they dare to write or read ‘A punjabi Soldier is dead?’ This is just one example… There are plenty!

The protest which is happening is for Jallikattu, but then that is only a spark. This is an emotional outburst of all the depression, suppression & anxiety, buried  deeply in our hearts & minds for decades…

Am not here to explain why Jallikattu is not an animal cruelty, there are thousands of videos & Articles to explain it. But I am here to make my non Tamil speaking friends to understand our plight. We wanted to be in India, scream for Dhoni & Kohli, but if this trend continues, then we are afraid we ll lose our Indian identity. We lost our trust on North Indian medias, but we believe our North Indian friends, that’s because all the North Indian friends who reside in Tamil Nadu are participating in the protest…

Finally, I request all my friends to spread our sentiments to all your friends, this should be a national protest, We can’t watch an American NGO come to our soil and dictate what to do in India! Friends we came to Delhi when Anna Hazare protested. Now, we request you to come to chennai, Please give your shoulders, we need you!! Vazhga Tamil, Jai Hind!!!