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The sun red as apple wine candy
Hot maroon mud burnt black donkey ass
Made him stand, his legs tied diagonally;
I feed him saffron Mo-thee papers
He bray in anguish
Hee- haw! Hee- haw! Hee- haw!

White paint in a white bucket
I mix green lizard eggs and wax and
Stir… stir… stir…
Pour more red ink and spicy lemon pickle and
Stir… stir… stir…
mix coconut oil for scent
Spray more orange sand for color and tooth paste and
Stir… stir… stir…
I hoot at donkey eyes; he curiously gaze

Liquid saffron Paint and old brush
I Paint my cheeks
I Paint my temple
I Paint Donkey lips
I Paint Donkey neck
I paint Donkey Ass!
and We stand in sun…
Hee- haw! Hee- haw! Hee- haw!