After Death – 2. Puking Memories


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Eyes of mother
Face of mother
Fatherly whiffs
Black shoe polish
Understanding genders
Attracting genders
Rank holders
Daddy outings with brother
Mom twisted my thigh meat
for espying pale girl thighs Continue reading


After Death – 1.Where am I?


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My mind — bluish wobbly-dizzy;
An excruciating numbness
sojourn in my brain
A nightmare? – I thought…
More pragmatic
than an anarchistic dream
A nihilistic delusion
A fabricated illusion;
My mind pugnaciously conscious
hops between the idealistic realism
and exaggerated emotional surrealism
I couldn’t intellect my pate…
This perpetual intolerable pain
inside my brain, which I couldn’t feel
Is mind inside or outside?
I relentlessly hear the sound of void
empty rhythms…
No I don’t hear; or do I?
am i breathing?
I dont feel the oxygen
Aaaaahhhhh……… Continue reading

Bloggers Recognition Award


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Hello Everyone!

I have been dearly nominated for the Bloggers Recognition Award by my dear friend-blogger Pradita. Her passion towards writing and the heart to appreciate endowed budding writers inspires me. If you wanna become a quality writer you need to have ‘that’ taste towards reading as well, which i believe Pradita has in abundance. Her posts are like a rainbow debris with so much colors, Continue reading

Rat for Crow


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This crow is peckish
dark blackish, his beak
is red hot sun
Sometimes orange
warm as sun;
He ain’t eaten a week
He is weak
He is peckish
Lord human offer him
Some spiders, like black
snake egg walking
with eight thin fingers
capped by a small lizard egg
with two spicy curved fingers;
His wings like dry fish black bones
in tatters with no feathers
He is cynical on spiders
served for a full meal
His eyes like electric eel
and spinning Yellow liquid wheel…
Lord human offer him
a rat, who’s umbilicus
tinted with red paint
his tail long like red-black neolate
This crow hee and haw
like a water hippo sun bath
He poke the rat umbilicus
with his claw later with
his rook mandibles and
pull out rose noodles
out of dead rat belly;
Rat for crow
He ain’t stable
capers on aluminium cable
Rat for crow!

Daffy Puking Duck


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She jump beneath the red
suave terra firma, piercing
the gravity, smooch orange
gooey acid with her bean
Bite the rubber butt of
the first lady romancing
in the white cotton beach
Puke exquisitely
on black mommy duck
beneath her nape
like a barrel of red velvet balls
horribly outta shape
Quacks loud like a
damaged sax in the
ears of stout farmers who
live down the lane
boneless dogs chase her
like Fatsos in treadmills
She hunts tiny green phosphorous
worms for fun,
never eats one;
Pipes smoke,
Patterns of pig snout kill yellow flies;
Pokes rose swine with
yellow like enamel coated tacks
on her yani and tack drawings
on her crevice – Liquid red salt
ran below swine sheath…
Despicable lumberjacks hunt her
during white Christmas
she runs cock block like a
square fucking male chicken
She slobber over them while frying,
Puke on them while eating…

Eldritch Abominate Creatures – ‘Yereq Nephil Shemen Tannin’ (Green Monstrous sperm Whale)


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Somewhere in the farthest galaxy


Dribble of blue sperms
flowing through his green flippers
are heavenly orgasms;
He propels through black space
crossing spheroid and
super luminous spiral galaxies…
China pink double helix
patterns around umbilicus are
illustrations of pink snakes concoction
Green flukes bops for
the clanks of murky-black hushes
He is a lime tubular-egg shape
large as Laniakea Supercluster, who
Pukes luminous infrared gas
forming hoops of bay and vistas
of gargantuan galactic clusters
He slumbers deep in
meditation after aeons
of dark void voyage;
His pupil is a titanic black hole
Slurping scleras of nebulla hyperboles
He is The ‘Yereq Nephil Shemen Tannin

Where is my Sense?


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DILIP: My name is Dilip Muthuramalingam. Can machines think? Until what happened today, I thought that no human-made machine could ever think as a human does. I now know that I was wrong.

I woke up to a phone call. Calling was my best friend, Vinith. Vinith is an experimental computer scientist. He told me that he had created a computer that could pass the Turing Test.


I knew that the Turing Test was supposed to be a way to test a machine’s intelligence. Not merely a way to determine whether a machine could simulate intelligence, but a way to determine whether the machine was genuinely thinking, understanding. The ‘intelligence test’ that Alan Turing proposed was a sort of ‘imitation game.’ In one room is an ordinary human; in the other is a machine (probably a computer). A human examiner, who does not know which room contains the machine, would engage in a natural language conversation with both participants. If the examiner is unable to reliably distinguish the machine from the human, then, according to Turing, we have established that the machine is thinking, understanding and, apparently, conscious.

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My Green Journey


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I saunter past thy green grove, with my shoes of leather
I watch white head crow caw, flappin’ its black feather
my chick-let gums stuck rather
deep in my Wooden Calcium stone corner
warp in my rose suave food road, brother
I whiff worn-torn Yella flower
rapped by a gang of blue band bees – oh Mother!
I speak smoke, in cold weather
there ain’t nobody to tether

A brown warm worm dig deep in musky clay
gape at me, with his chest full of black mud spray
I blow him with my stinky mint puff, eh!
he veil a sprig which shine grey;
I brush my Orange round necky-belly covering, say
T-shirt– erupts a sneeze of doom
make my pitch black moustache alignment lose its way
Ginger God, It’s freezing for the month of May
I perceive the sun through a prism of dewdrop, still on its stay
Scatter a rainbow of colors, which twinsets my rubbery play

My Green and Brown Journey grow faster and slower
I drank old wine, stowed in my silver polyethylene tumbler
An orange rock lodged oxygen and hydrogen atom shower
drizzled by Red haired tree monkeys of quarter!
Beak Birds chirp sighting, a melange of Musk melon water
and salty tinge of Jack Rabbit’s matter…
A bison graze, his black needles grew colder
He seldom minds thy chillness; busy bloating his belly fatter
I touch the joy of what nature offer
Not my work but this really matter…
A lot matter!

This is written in response to Tanya’s Poetry Challenge #3

Eldritch Abominate Creatures – ‘The Giant Orbiting Whela’


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Somewhere in the farthest galaxy…

Payne grey bouldery
dorsal ridges, flattered
glittery blue tumours
on rostrums, large as Jupiter;
Neon reflections on flippers
are supernova delusions
elliptic stripes on throat grooves
are scrubs on titanic hollow rings
gulps blizzard blue planets
big as giant gas Saturn
gyrating on the orbit
Stellar debris are whale mucks;
Performs death rolls
once in fifty quadrillion
out of deep depression
squeezing reverse time loops
and instigating distorted
space-time-continuum seriatim;
jet of electric photon
expultions, from blowholes are
illustrations of black hole Monsters
sucking electromagnetic radiations;
sequence of whistles and clicks
Paralyse thy hush stellar groove
insurgent flapping flukes are
Crab nebula hyperboles
He is ‘The giant orbiting Whela’