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Somewhere in the farthest galaxy


Dribble of blue sperms
flowing through his green flippers
are heavenly orgasms;
He propels through black space
crossing spheroid and
super luminous spiral galaxies…
China pink double helix
patterns around umbilicus are
illustrations of pink snakes concoction
Green flukes bops for
the clanks of murky-black hushes
He is a lime tubular-egg shape
large as Laniakea Supercluster, who
Pukes luminous infrared gas
forming hoops of bay and vistas
of gargantuan galactic clusters
He slumbers deep in
meditation after aeons
of dark void voyage;
His pupil is a titanic black hole
Slurping scleras of nebulla hyperboles
He is The ‘Yereq Nephil Shemen Tannin