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Sprinkle black peppers please
over my yellow omelette
Like a gold dust drizzle over sea
I whiff yellow yolk and peppered glaire – partly stewed
and chew my fingers
Where is my omelette?
Oh my…
It is raining black pepper dust!
My eyes blister
Rain keep coming down the street
Yet no water to launder my eyes
Red liquid choked my eyes
Like a omelette, with added spice…
Water billowing up from between her legs
made me cry, metallic stomp;
I hit a hipster on the neck with crow beak
Liquid red salt ran all over pepper dust on the street;
I later stand on my feet and a parrot kiss me good bye
I bite her mandible, she screech in ecstasy!
A baby elephant laughs in pleasure from a distance,
I smirk at her sorely
she walks towards me, in two legs
rolls her trunk and make black capsules
she suckle me capsules
A glass of water please!!!

For readers who couldn’t follow the flow, I have tried to illustrate the mind of the protagonist who is suffering from Schizophrenia (A chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves) and has unclear or confused thinking symptoms. Though the illusions are surreal, it exists for him. The protagonist is hospitalized and the events described above are his delusions which are the by-products of realism or hyperboles of actual happenings.

ExampleNurse feeding pills is paralleled/compared with baby elephant