Dear friends,

It gives me immense pleasure & pride to announce that I have reached a milestone of 100 followers.. Never imagined it would happen… Humbled πŸ™πŸ»Each one of you are diamonds…

Though I am inactive for 2 months now, I sincerely appreciate and thank all my friends who read my content, trusted me and followed me. Pleasure is mutual!!!

The love for literature and creativity united us here.. Frankly speaking you guys are immensely talented than most of the writers who published books in the market.. I looked up great writers out there, stumbled with the amount of variety & commitment you people show towards writing. You keep me inspiring!

The comments I received are to be saved & framed… wish someone does that on my birthday… Reading your comments & appreciations are the greatest pleasure I could ever get in my life.

I will definitely come back ASAP & enthrall you with my poetries, till then, take care & stay in touch… I know I have a lot to catch upπŸ˜€

* This post is not spell checked or Grammer checked .. My apologies!!

See ya all very soon!! Lot of hugs 😊😊

Let the joy of writing & reading prevail…