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As a Tamilian i am forced to write this post, This ain’t my usual poetry or literature, so kindly ignore any grammatical mistake… As  Tamilians and citizens of India, we are  deeply hurt by this Jallikattu issue… Millions of people are gathered in Marina beach, Chennai because  Jallikattu is our tradition, it is our culture… it is in our blood, it is being practised for 10k years (This number might stun you, but then we have carbon dated proofs ). How can we let it go? When Supreme Court passed a verdict to ban Jallikattu hearing the Plea from PETA an American NGO,. as  Indians we felt we were let down!

North Indian Medias doesn’t pay much attention to this issue, not only to this issue, but any Tamil issue for that matter… When a soldier is killed in the border, he is termed as  an ‘Indian Soldier’ , but when a fisherman from Tamil Nadu is killed by  Srilankan Navy, The headline would be, ‘Tamil Fisherman is killed’ , ain’t he a fisherman from India? ain’t he your brother? Will they dare to write or read ‘A punjabi Soldier is dead?’ This is just one example… There are plenty!

The protest which is happening is for Jallikattu, but then that is only a spark. This is an emotional outburst of all the depression, suppression & anxiety, buried  deeply in our hearts & minds for decades…

Am not here to explain why Jallikattu is not an animal cruelty, there are thousands of videos & Articles to explain it. But I am here to make my non Tamil speaking friends to understand our plight. We wanted to be in India, scream for Dhoni & Kohli, but if this trend continues, then we are afraid we ll lose our Indian identity. We lost our trust on North Indian medias, but we believe our North Indian friends, that’s because all the North Indian friends who reside in Tamil Nadu are participating in the protest…

Finally, I request all my friends to spread our sentiments to all your friends, this should be a national protest, We can’t watch an American NGO come to our soil and dictate what to do in India! Friends we came to Delhi when Anna Hazare protested. Now, we request you to come to chennai, Please give your shoulders, we need you!! Vazhga Tamil, Jai Hind!!!