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Disintegrated reminiscences are
no more sensed;
Asymmetrical white crystals and
bright circular cubes are
psychosomatic optical time illusions
Vaporised Deja vus are
transmuted white light particles and
radiant silver diminutive tesseracts
on a hyper ride to parallel universe,
quadrillions of light years away;
light particles are
disseminated memories
transiting copious wormholes and
colossal black holes,
bending space-time continuum
Memoirs of deads are
infinitum wavelength
Itinerant in vacuum hyper-loops;
Collisions of protons are
memory bombardments
shifting time travel between realities
Speed of light is accelerated on
quantum excitations of photons
performing luminous stellar death rolls
transmogrifying particles of light
crushed to singularity, later
forming patterns of head
and patterns of tail
inside scalar tachyonic field
Collisions of by-products, decays
rapidly to arrive at ‘The Entrance