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My mind — bluish wobbly-dizzy;
An excruciating numbness
sojourn in my brain
A nightmare? – I thought…
More pragmatic
than an anarchistic dream
A nihilistic delusion
A fabricated illusion;
My mind pugnaciously conscious
hops between the idealistic realism
and exaggerated emotional surrealism
I couldn’t intellect my pate…
This perpetual intolerable pain
inside my brain, which I couldn’t feel
Is mind inside or outside?
I relentlessly hear the sound of void
empty rhythms…
No I don’t hear; or do I?
am i breathing?
I dont feel the oxygen
The debility to sense my sense
The disability to move my body
Unconditionally paralyse me;
I think I am dead
but am still inside me
I hear people scream
empty void agonies;
I long to tell them I am alive
But I ain’t alive
I still luminously ruminate,
My memories spins akin
infinitesimal cosmic debris
Blue platelets, Fat blue globules
White hormones, blue lymphocytes;
Where are they?
What are they?
physical dimension of memories?
I could touch them
feel them disintegrate
into light particles
F***, I am cautiously defragmented
I am being elastically compressed
Where am I?