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Somewhere in the farthest galaxy…

Neon translucent membrane
glow for every hyperride
Electric Lime sprinklings are
hyperspace take offs
long bushy brown prickles
pasted on transparent woody tentacles
lash bulgy mandibles
green radiance inside rubber bones
are the eternal soul
pale yellow spots on chest
enthrals cosmic rays
dark yellow spots on chest
emits anthropomorphic transmissions
her moan, a lurid vibration
whirls floating liquid nitrogen
dripping silvery cloud patterns
life-sized red tail –akin heart,
impels in and out, yielding
granum in chloroplasts
photons of scattered light are
gulped, deep inside antenna lumens
nano spherical dots are
eyeballs and blood cells
cylindrical formations are
violet antenna lumens
she is ‘The Translucent Hyperrider