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My limbs tied tight,
hardly it force a fight,
Yellow Sun is bright,
Wedging my sight!
My yellow beard fuming hot,
He hit me hard, on my spot!
Eh! He hit me on the spot!
Dark smoke warm my nostrils,
Belly man’s hot puff burn his tonsils
My white shirt turn yellow, like my beard,
I still harp your words, I last heard!
My auburn eyes epiphanies thy ligature for strangulation,
Hot sand, dirt my boots in violation!
Gal, do I still retain my reputhetion?
My blue tore jean is my only wealth,
And my legs inch towards death!
Didn’t you feel my blood in the air?
How dare, you blonde hair…

He is a long yellow nosed Nigga,
God bless him!
He approve me a Cigar…
That’s of a Royale brand,
Over my chin!
Cigar smoke melt in thy hot sand
Nigga’ grab my Cigar,
My hope to live lay very far
His hands rinse my dusty hair
Now, he is easily outta my scare!
My head conceal in a sack,
Salt sweat roll over my back!
My fur chaps and hats were off,
I choke with yellow dry cough!
Gal, am about to HANG!
Didn’t you feel my smoke in the air?
Not fair, you blonde hair…

Ears crack, with wicked laughs
vultures circle, waiting for my corpse!
He is a long yellow nosed nigga,
God bless him,
He is all set to pull the trigger
I covet the sack off,
Yeah! He approve it, evil stare!
Lost in mind, I,
In glitter of yellow sun’s eye,
My foot hardly balance my thigh,
vultures circle high in the red sky!
I sense something in the air,
May be the aroma of your blonde hair…
Gained in energy, I,
your aroma sail in the sky.
Are you on the way?
to halt my stay?
Eh! I whiff your scent in the air,
That’s fair, you blonde hair..

The yella sun spin black in terror,
dogs whine in horror!
Lass, my eyes got no error,
It’s you, shredding thy hot shower!
Your brown Stallion wage its tail,
You pull the reins in style…
Your chaps still pink,
Gal, rhyme is back in sync
Eh! Back in sync!
Your shotguns were on;
my dread is gone!
Will get you some corn;
Deal! get rid of this Nigga’s horn!
Your Cartridges split my pinion,
your shot guns on fire
It stinks like half burnt tyre…

You slay four in four,
Now I walk free with a roar
Your yellow hat is cool,
No taunt you!
Now, unknot my limb with that tool
You are a plumpy, dumpy figure,
God bless you!
You offer me a cigar…
That’s of a Royale brand,
Over my chin!
my smoke melted in thy hot sand
It’s me, Alhendhroo- E-strradhaa!
Heek! Heek! Heek! (Wicked villainous laugh)
B’dhrown are your hairrr,
Whath made you tho be here?
Didh you feel that thing in the airrr?
Now, you sit-h back in the Sthallion,
Leth me shooth this nigga’s head open
and ridhe us back tho our pavilion!
Heek! Heek! Heek! (Wicked villainous laugh)
Gudh bye Black Amigo!!