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One hot October Noon


My green cycle on his twenty second birthday,
Stood unnoticed on my green lawn
He ain’t had a decent bath for quite a while;
Glories to the drunkard drizzle; who ran froth and who ran back
Last night;
I pleated my white cotton bag; which once was my fav pant
Its noon now and the sun is bright as ever
I applied the eye paint on my mouth rims,
and the red lipstick on my thick eye furs
My bimbo-neon-tattered trouser was appealing
So as my sleeveless beige shirt

Peddled my cycle boy to the grassy river shore
To hunt angry Orange River crabs;
Parked him with lot of bashfulness
The sun spiked my shoulder skin
And thy eye lipstick started to melt rapidly
Painting bimbo tears on my shy face
White flamingoes made some bone moves
For the tunes of peeled river with silver linings
My palms on a grass stampede played drummer
sh  sh sh shg
sh sh  sh shg

Yellow bees romancing dandelions were the singers;
Orange paddle fins and ceramic fists,
his carapace in blue back patterns
Orange Lumberjack lifted his ceramic
Lucid Tentacles to creep the passerby
Some were busy in cavorting big breast hookers
Hiding deep under the marsh neon grass beds
I am on the bum to bust him for a hot evening soup
With his chest meat to melt my nose mucus
One stick poked down, my cotton bag clogged his sun ray
Oh my Orange River Crab!